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London Coliseum

5/5 Op basis van 7 beoordelingen (beoordelingen)
  • Boeking tot: woensdag 25 oktober 2023
  • Looptijd: 2 hours 50 min (incl interval)
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Iolanthe Beschrijving

It’s a topsy-turvy worldview, typical of Gilbert & Sullivan, in which life in the fairy world and Parliament is reversed.

Phyllis and Strephon (half man, half-fairy) wish to marry, but as Phyllis is a ward of court she requires the Lord Chancellor’s permission. The Lord Chancellor, however, wants her for himself.

Sullivan’s ever-melodious score matches Gilbert’s libretto in satirising the vanities and egos of the the peers of the realm. And, just for good measure, Iolanthe targets the celebrity culture of the day. There are thinly disguised portraits of the good and the great of late Victorian society. There are side swipes at Queen Victoria, John Brown (her personal servant and ‘close companion’), Lord Randolph Churchill (reformist Tory) and William Gladstone (the serving Liberal PM).

Cal McCrystal returns to direct this successful production. Bringing his characteristic joyfully chaotic physical comedy, irreverence and brilliant wordplay. Outstanding former ENO Harewood Artist Samantha Price leads a cast of ENO favourites, including baritone Marcus Farnsworth as Strephon.

Assisted performance

24th October 19:00 BSL signed performance

Adres van London Coliseum

St Martin's Lane, London, WC2N 4ES GB (Meer info)

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Sung in English, with subtitles projected above the stage

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